Rupak Chaudhary

Rupak on Nepalista lähtöisin oleva Shito-Ryu Karate Do:n harrastaja.
Hän suomenkielen taitonsa ei ole vielä kovin laaja, mutta Englanti sujuu kyllä ja kommunikaatiossa avustaa muut salilla olijat.

My karate involvement:

I started my karate practice when I was 14 years old. I was living and studying in my hometown. Our
teacher was Somnath Chaudhary. He was a blackbelt karate master. We practiced the karate in poor
condition. We used to practice outside in field with barefoot. In my village, I finished my Yellow and
Green belt within about 2 years. After that our teacher went to work in another place. Than I join
the karate class in the Banganga Dojo, 10 km away from my village. Damber somai Magar was the
chief instructor ( now master in Indian Karate) and Krishna Banjade was assistant coach. I got Purple
and Brown belt from Banganga Dojo. I did 1 st to 3 rd stage of brown belt there. After that I got Black
Belt (Shodan) from Government of Nepal, National Sports Council. The Nepal Karate Federation(
NKF) is affiliated with National Sports Council and Ministry Of Youth and Sports. Black Belt is
granted by Nepal Shitoryu Karate Association under instruction of Chief Coach Mahesh Kr.
Shrestha. Affiliated with World Karate Federation ( WKF) . After starting the karate from my
childhood, I always continued it.
I have been also worked as an assistant coach in Banganga Dojo in two schools. After that, I went to
further study in Kathmandu and joined Balaju Dojo. Balaju Dojo is the one of the best in all Asia.
I have also learned advanced Nunchucks skills during my traing.

My Vision:

My main focus is to provide physical fitness and self defense for all people. Discipline, Development
and Dynamic is the main theme of the karate. Today, western world is the victim of overweight and
unhealthy lifestyle. I want to help people to live the fit life with good sport enjoyment.